Can you add text into ur story?

So uh I swear you can add in game text? like in episode interactive where u code ur story without it being your own overlay? or did i dream it or something XD

Do u mean phone texting? (:

no no , i swear there was an option to write in text? im probably just making it up LOL

like letting readers type in text?

or creating text as an overlay?

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no no im probably just dumb and mixed things up cuz i thought there was an option to add text:P LOL
but basically creating an overlay without creating the overlay if u get me

ohh i’m not sure haha

i know there’s a way to change overlays into text and you can add your own text overlays. But i’m not 100% sure if that’s what you meant

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ima just make life easier and make an overlay LOL but thank you for ur help :)))

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you’re welcome :slight_smile:

you can create text from overlays. is that what you mean?

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If yes, then guide on it:


yes i got it now :))) tyyy

ahh yes thank uuuu

do you mean

set format phonetext

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