Can you be blind after a loved one has passed away?

Can you be blind after a loved one has passed away?


This is a first time that i reply to someone buuuut,
Yeah you can but depends on how much you love them one of my friends is facing this problem she changed her look but you know what
I respected her decision since she is going thro a lot


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oki thanks for replying!

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Umm I’m not sure exactly what you mean as in physical?? So plz forgive me if what I’m saying isn’t what you’re expecting :confounded:
But after you’ve lost someone you can be blind/oblivious to many things including your own feelings, how your energy/outbursts/isolation is affecting those around you. You can be blind to the help that is around you and the opportunity to move on. But these are all completely normal (I’ve been through it!:blush:) and you should make sure you take time to stop and breathe and express yourself!:two_hearts:

Stress can cause temporary blindness or vision loss, so possibly, yes. You can find stuff about it if you search on google.

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