Can you change the opacity of a character?

Hey guys, I’m currently deciding to write a story but I was curious to know if you can change the opacity of a character through coding rather then overlay? If anyone knows a way to do so please do tell me! If not then, thank you for the help :grin:

There isn’t a way to do it, you have to upload an overlay of the background

Ok, thank you but i have found a way to change the opacity of a character but thank you anyway

oh really? that’s cool, how?

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Yeah, its something to do with layers, one second, I’ll send the link to the thread! :smile:

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How to "FADE" Characters :smile:

There’s two ways, like they are a ghost and another character see’s them or is imagining them to be there, and there’s also where the character fades out like they are disappearing at that moment or its like a memory :smile:

Yeah but they’re still not changing the opacity of the character, you still have to upload overlays lol

True but honestly, I’d rather have overlays that make the character move and talk and whatever then them having to stay still and if I want to make them talk, move their mouth out of the screen because I don’t like it when the characters talking and their mouths aren’t moving so I do it as little as possible :joy::joy::grinning::heartpulse:

Oh i misunderstood your original post, I thought you were asking if there was a way to do it without using overlays at all lol. Sorry

Oh I’ sorry, to be honest, I didn’t know I would have to make the background an overlay on top of the background, but that’s fine, my mistake because technically i was asking how to do it without overlays but this way is ok! :grin:

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