Can you code a scene for me please? (credit will be given)

hey there. the title pretty much sums up what i’m about to say here. i’m a new author, this scene will be for my first ever episode story. however, i want to include advanced directing, as this is what readers enjoy nowadays, but i can’t get a scene to come out the way i like.

i want all the characters on stage to ‘fade’ away in a specific amount of time. i tried following @Dara.Amarie’s guide ( but the overlay for the background showed up all wrong in the scene. is there anyone experienced with using this technique that could code it for me please? it would be much appreciated. you will receive credit during the scene with a reader’s message / toaster, at the end of the story with a narrator box, as well on my instagram once i release the story. thanks so much in advance! <3

You have to scale/shift the background overlay to match and line up with the background

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oh thank you, how do you do that? what’s the code for it?

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download rhe background
change it to png ( do not resize it)
use programs like tinipng to reduce the file size ( while it will still have the same pixel size) to get file smaller than 1 mb.
Upload the overlay to the portal ( dont move it in the preview window when you upload it)

Than the overlay should apear on right spot and right size whenyou will use it in the script.

Note if you will not pan over thebackground and just stay in one zobe you can cut the overlay to fit the zone you use to reduce the file size too.

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thanks so much. i found someone to code it for me already though. i appreciate your help !

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@Sydney_H or @Nick can you please close this thread for me? thanks so much <3

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Closed: Requested by Op :v: