Can you convert this to transparent?


Hi, I was wondering if there is someone that can do these cars as an overlay (transparent)



I’m working on an overlay right now then I can do them if that’s cool


sure, I’ll be waiting


Saving them now


omg i already made them before i saw this post im sorry

u can still do them though oops i should of read this


It’s fine… lol you can send them to her… we are on the same team



right click -> open in new tab

(it should be transparent)


okay thanks, gonna credit you


okay, ty, i didnt mean to steal the job from u its annoying when people do that i just didnt read yours




Np girl… lol we are both EpisodeStudio and that’s what it’s about Lexi… we are a team and family




can you re send the first one?


also, can you tell me what program you use? bc I’m gonna need it



if it doesn’t work, open it in a new tab and it’ll show as png

btw i use photoshop cs6 (it costs a lot of money tho so for free websites probably picmonkey)


I use superimpose… it’s pretty easy


Hi I am not apart of what they did, but when I make normal images into overlays I use the cut out option on PicsArt


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