Can you create a background for me?

Hey I need someone to make a background. I have one and the potential creator won’t answer my message and that’s literally all I’m waiting on to publish my debut story. I pretty much just want a similar scene so I dont have to re-direct all the scenes I used them in. I will send a copy of what I’m using in a DM if you can help. I don’t want you to re-edit this creators work though incase they don’t allow it but i do want dark green lockers since that is the school’s colors.

The background I need is of lockers and I need 3 sets of the same ones:
-One with all lockers closed
-One with one locker opened
-One with two lockers opened

You can put stuff inside to decorate if you want and of course credit will be given. I use reader messages to give credit so readers will know exactly which scene you made.

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

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do you have something already in mind that i can work on it or is it like starting from 0 to make you one?

hey yeah i have a couple to start with. ill DM you.

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where was it? thought it was in art resources…

Creator’s Corner. :wink: No biggie, stuff gets put in the wrong places all the time. :joy:

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