Can you create a mystery character?

I was wondering can this be done if so tell me how.

What do you mean? Like the antagonist?

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Like this?

Masked with features obscured?

If you’re writing in LL, the Silhouette Black skintone is perfect for obscuring the character’s actual features. You can remove nose, brows, eyes and such in Portal too. The same applies with Ink, but it doesn’t have the Silhouette Black feature


Yes thats right. All dark like a perfect mystery figure… for me I created mine as a fantasy mystery figure lurking in the shadows so I had to remove the clothes though.

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I just want a character not to be shown no name like no face for part of an episode

Oh well in that case Ink or LL,?


No name then you just delete the name from the display name option. Thats it.

ok but how do i keep the face hidden

oh quick question off topic can you help with this code she won’t face left
&RAQUEL faces left AND RAQUEL is stand_up THEN RAQUEL walks to spot 1.18 158 55 in zone 2

You can do above…

  • Remove the features…
  • Add clothes like the face mask
    -Make the entire body color black and remove all the facial features so it will look like a shadowy figure.
  • Put the character in a different zone and the camera in another zone while the character is speaking his dialog so he will appear off screen
  • Or use zooms (advance directing) where you focus from neck below while the character speaks. That way, the face is ‘hidden’ and won’t be revealed to the audience.
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thanks for your help.

You mean this?

&RAQUEL faces left AND RAQUEL is stand_up THEN RAQUEL walks to spot 1.18 158 55 in zone 2 THEN RAQUEL faces left

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