Can you delete an forum account?



Can you delete an fourm account on here? I remember being to remove an account on here but I think it got taken away or something. I have emailed one of the moderators but I want to here your feedback.

Quick Question 😁

You can check out some topics on deleting a forums account:


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If you need to delete an account, you submit a ticket to the support team and clearly state that you want to evoke your Right of Erasure (they can explain that for you). :grin:


How do u delete a forums account


@JemU776 @Apes I’m so sorry, I’m clueless. :smile:


Sorry @CinnamonToast I’m not much of a help…:sweat_smile:
I don’t think you can delete your account…maybe @Jeremy can help with this? :thinking:


You need to contact with the episode support team.


Ok thanks


I strongly recommend not bothering with it. I tried getting this deleted once and my ticket got lost, then Someone not gonna say who answered me once I brought it up with the mods, and after talking and agreeing nothings happened so I recommend just letting it be.


Does anyone know how to remove an email from an account so you can use it on another device?? @Ryan


Lol… same exact thing happened to



Me too :frowning: