Can you do a free cover for me CLOSED

Hey!! I would love If you could draw me a cover for my story I see you (for free) please and thank you

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Haven’t you already made more than one thread concerning “free covers”? You should refer to this thread, and also know that you shouldn’t request the same thing at multiple art shops.<3


It’s for a different story cover

Okay, but you really don’t need to make a thread requesting for a “free cover” whenever you need one. You haven’t even put your character details and info below so it would be impossible for someone to do it anyway. I recommend checking out the thread I linked so you don’t have to keep making these kinda threads multiple times, and instead you can just request it inna art shop.

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Okay thank you

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agree. just asking for a free cover without any details, just make people ignore your forum. also its usually easier to just go to an art forum

I really do recommend you read this forum

You can try here
Samantha’s Cover Shop {FREE} OPEN

Okay thank

Yes I get it I’m new to these things okay