Can you edit this background for me?

Can you take the desks and stools in the middle out of this classroom? Of course you’ll be credited for your work. Thanks! :smiley:


Hi do you mean you want to move the table and stool in the middle of the room

no, i want them gone altogether so i can use multiple desk overlays to fill up the room. can you do it?

I can try

awesome! thanks :smiley:

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Hi I got a lil trouble doing it so I got my talented friend @MysteryMaker to do it so here it is


And you can ask her how she want to be credited

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yasss. thanks so much!! @mysterymaker how should i credit you? :smiley:


You can just give me credit by including a narration dialogue saying background edited by @MysteryMaker . :slightly_smiling_face:


okay, cool!

although i may be making splashes for my credits but you’ll definitely be credited.

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