Can you edit this scene to have this locker open too?


pic removed

If you can put books or school stuff in the open lockers too, that would be dope. Thanks! :slight_smile:


I could if you’d like?


sure! should i paste a copy without the arrow on it? lol


Yes please!


oh damn. lol i think i used the wrong scene. ill still need an edit but it might be slightly differnt. gimme 3 mins. lol sorry


Lol it’s cool


pic removed

Thankfully I only messed up here and not in my story bc i just spot directed a whole scence lol this is the one i need. the 2nd locker from the left is the one i need open. thanks a lot lol


No problem!


Sorry it took so long! Here it is!


That wasn’t long at all! I dont even know how to do that, lol Thank you so much! Do you have IG? Or what name to use for credit?


You can just use my forums name! And Thank You! I’m glad you like it!


okay, thanks! :smiley:


No problem! If you need anything else just ask!


I definitely will, thanks so much. :hugs:


can you change a science class into an art class? someone made this for me from the science BG from episode but now i need an art class lol. i just need all the science posters and the board covered up, i think the sinks on the right are okay. maybe instead of labcoats in the back it could be aprons hanging up. i guess whatever else would be in an art classroom lol.

pic removed


Of course! I will have to start later though as I’m heading to school now!


yay, thanks so much! have a good day at school. :smiley:


Question! Would It be ok if I make a brand new art room like from scratch? It would take about the same time?


And I saw @MysteryMaker did it s9 I don’t want to edit her backgrounds without permission so I will just make an art room for you!


sure, that’d be awesome! it’s gonna be for a class so can you leave room for the desks or easels or whatever I decide to put in? I tend to use a ridiculous amount of overlays for my classroom scenes lol