Can you follow 2 characters into another zone?


I know you can make a character walk to a zone and have the camera follow them, but i am wondering if you can do that with more than one character.
So i have 2 characters and I want them to walk to zone 2 but i want the camera to follow them both at the same time
if there is any way i can do that, that’d be a great help!!


You can sorta

&CHARATER1 walks to screen left in zone 2
@follow CHARACTER2 to screen right in zone 2


yeah that works sorta!! its good enough for it to work the way i want it to
Thank you so much!


Awesome! No worries


well now im having another problem
my character just slides when i do this
@CHARACTER walks to spot 0.506 164 327 in zone 2 in 3 AND CHARACTER walks to spot 0.532 69 364 in zone 2 in 3
only one of them slides
and i even typed
does it while walk_neutral and she still slides -___-


Hmmm… Not sure why they would be sliding. Maybe try separating the commands on different lines? Just makes it easier to fiddle around with when you have multiple commands
&CHARACTER1 walks to spot 0.506 164 327 in zone 2 in 3
@CHARACTER2 walks to spot 0.532 69 364 in zone 2 in 3


she still slides which is annoying me because it’s not supposed to happen -__-!


i might pause for a beat then get them to walk , it works that way… for some reason.


The only other thing is to maybe add
@pause for a beat
So that they have time to get into place maybe?


yes that’s what i decided to do because it works that way.




thank you so much for your help!


Any time :relaxed:


Do you know how they do the screen format phone texting thing? I’ve been trying to do it but I dont know how it’s done…


There’s two ways.
A way that is beginner friendly and a more advanced way.
To do it through episode this would be the coding.


New text message
< PREMIUM >“Open”{
message dialogue here


set format phonetext

Is that the one you mean?


yes that one!


Cool :v: (Just don’t forget to set format cinematic after you’re finished)


yes but it isnt working that’s what im tryna figure out ahaha


Strange… What style is your story in to start off with? Is it spotlight?