Can you guys give me feedback on my story, What Waits in The Dark? 😄

Hey all y’alls! I have my first story published with 6 episodes so far, I was wondering if any of you guys were willing to give me feedback. Also don’t worry about hurting my feelings if your being honest. Constructive feedback is the best way to improve! :smile:

P.S. I’ll post the link below & don’t worry about sharing it.

Reading now!


I loved the first episode! It made me wan’t to read more.
I quote: Another day Another Dollar. You did a nice job with character spotting, and the music, plus overlays. From the beginning it was very captivating! I will be reading on for more everyday! It has a nicee sense of humor and I could fully understand it. Although the episode was short, I enjoyed the detail you put into it.

yea id be happy to revieww

Thank You Soooooo Much! I’m thrilled that you like it! Again thank you times a million! :grin:

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Thank You! Let me Know what you think!

So I read your first two episodes and I think the story can really go somewhere. I’m not one to usually be into the horror category but I think your story is really good and your use of cliffhangers too. :smile:

Thank You So Much!!!

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