Can you guys help me with choices

Can someone write a choice example down below? I really need an example

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Hi there, I haven’t done any coding in the writer’s portal myself but I’ve found the guides pretty useful and I believe you can copy and paste the code from there? I’m not too sure since I’m on my phone but here’s the link:

Thank you!

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This is how a simple choice looks:

Pick a color.


You chose pink.


You chose blue.


You chose red.


You chose a very lovely color!

P.S I’d recommend checking out Joseph Evans’ tutorials on YouTube : )
The Episode guides are also a great source to consult as well as (an amazing website where you can use helpful script templates & amazing backgrounds- P.S remember to give credit!)

Anyways, good luck! :heart:


Anytime! If that was a little unclear I think Jem posted a good example ^~^ If you ever want to get into more complex coding I know a couple of useful Instagram accounts.