Can you guys leave some ch details for me?

Hi! I need some girl details, and it kinda needs to be pretty so plz leave some details suggestions below??
It doesn’t need to be unique and I’ll really appreciate it if you comment on my post :slightly_smiling_face:


LL or Ink? Also do you want 1 character or sum?

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ink and one will be enough <3


ink plz :))

Do you have any preferences?

kddjfkd ur not???

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preferences r like…character has upturned luxe eyes??

More like hair color, eye color, etc. But if you want a certain feature you can tell me. :wink:

err no certain feature just need sm details asap

How bout I send you some pictures of different ones I can create and then you tell me if you like one so I can send the details. For starters:

Well? :blush: