Can you guys share some OUTFIT NAMES or some ideas?

I need some outfit names but I’m kinda stuck on ideas
Can you guys help me please?


Well if you make the character change into it, but the reader doesn’t choose you could name it for example if it’s a swimsuit (swimsuit1).

But if your letting the reader choose the outfit I find that names that let the reader somewhat tell what the outfit is, is helpful. So for example if it’s a bad girl look you could do something like
(Bad Girl, Cuteness in Black, Bad Vibes)

More Examples

(Summer Chic, Beach Day, All Yellow, Summer Babe)

(Christmas All Day, Ice Cold, Snowy Dress)

(Coffee Cute, Fashion Statement, Rebel, Purple All Day, Baby Girl)

Hope this helped you out or got you inspired for some names these are mostly for females btw. :two_hearts: :wink:

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thanks this helped a little bit

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In a outfit choice I usually do “Outfit 1” “Outfit 2”
I also go for titles like CHARACTER_Elegant, CHARACTER_Casual, CHARACTER_BlackDress, hope this helped <33

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For choices just do something like
“jeans” “shorts” “skirt” “cute”
and then for making them you could either describe them or do something like “mission1” “party1” “sleep” “underwear” ect…


I did that in my first story and I didn’t really like it

But ant to have names for them like chilln’ at home, fancy in green so that the reader can feel like a part of the story

that’s a great idea <3

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