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Hey!!! Here you can help and be help
Well so, there’s this guy i like like, like nearly love if it isn’t love but now we are in a really “awkward” situation 'cause i told him that i like him but by WhatsApp and i would change that if i could but i can’t so i gave him a song i composse for him saying that i really like him but he didn’t said anything and Just ignored me… I didn’t gave it any importance so then One day i gave some friends a presenta and i had and extra One so i left it with his things and i made a video that showed how much i like him… (i looked like desesperated but it wasn’t my intention) Well, obviously know we ignore each other but he told a friendo that he didn’t liked me only because i on purpose try to be serious in school so i look bored (what i am not… Even another boy that came to One of my b-days told him that i was funny because i hide it) and because apparently, i don’t pay attention to him… And know we’re really awkward when we’re toghether and we avoide each other but i really really really really really really really really like him with all my heart​:heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::cupid::cupid:
What should i do?
Also i can help you with any Problem or doubt you have :blush:


I recommend giving him some space for a bit.
Bringing more attention to it will most likely push him further away.
You also have to know that not everyone you like is going to like you in that way. You have to make sure not to make him uncomfortable if you continue to stay friends.

Think about a guy you are NOT interested in more than friends… What if he said to you what you said to this guy… Would you feel uncomfortable and unsure how to react?


Thanks, i already did that (what i’m telling happend like 1 month ago or so…
And your question, One of my friends ask me the same… I would feel honored, blushed, happy and lots more but if i don’t like him i would say directly to him this: “I’M really honored and you’re a great friend, kind, Smart, funny and all but i don’t see you that way, you’re my friend and i hope we can stay this way” because i don’t want to maje him suffer

I know but that isn’t what bouders me what bouders me is that instead of talking he ignores me and avoids me

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Some boys can’t handle things like that.
He doesn’t seem like he can say what he feels, so it looks like he’s avoiding you. How old are you two?


I can’t tell how old i am but i’m in secondary school…
YES, he isn’t that kind of boy

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I agree with this advice.

It’s great that you’re so direct, but I have never been. Sometimes it’s hard to say that so openly because it might make things more awkward (really depends on the people).

I’d say for now, just give him some space, because if he wanted to be direct, he’d probably have done that by now. It’ll also help you in case he doesn’t return your feelings because it’s hard to be around someone you like when they don’t like you back. The best way to get over someone is to not see them for a bit.

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Yes, i know he doesn’t like me btw (he likes my Best friend) really One day he pushed me and my Best friend accidentaly and only said sorry to her​:pensive::expressionless::no_mouth::roll_eyes:

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That’s tough. Hopefully you can avoid him a bit and crush on someone else who does return your feelings soon :blush:

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Hopefully… Thank you

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Ok, so I have a maths test tommorow, and I’m freaking out because I don’t get A N Y T H I N G. Okay, I put off revising until today but like still I’m smart I should be able to do it. So yeah, I guess I just came to rant.


What are they going to test you?

Okay I can’t really help since I didn’t revise and probably failed most of my GCSEs :man_shrugging:t2::rofl:

You gave it your best shot, and that’s all anyone can ask for.
Honestly a year and a half ago, I was in the same situation.

Only differences were,

  1. He was straight (Minor barrier for me :man_shrugging:t2:) (Technically this isn’t a difference, but I’m a guy so…)
  2. I never got the chance to say it myself. And to this day I’m still bitter about it.

I used to have to see this guy almost daily, and he couldn’t even look at me. It took me months to get past that, but all I can offer is that it will get better.

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