Can you help me find a story

Hey I could really appreciate some help finding a story I have previously read.
So it was limelight and regarding the plot there was a girl working in a casino and a billionaire mafia boss went there to hire her as his accountant for his restaurant . The thing is she had a brother who was a hacker and the reason he approched her was to get close to her brother. They fall in love.
Later in the story , they both get kidnapped and while they are taken hostage the girl is given a gun to kill the guy . She couldn’t do it so they gave the gun to the guy . He got (since the gun was light) that it wasn’t loaded so he pulled the trigger . Then they got rescued and girl was devasted since she thought that the guy was willing to kill her ,so she left . Sometime later they meet again in one of his buildings which later on she turned to be her own bar .
The guy had a ginger , old bodyguard . I think his name was Cullen


Was it a episode orginal?



It probably was on the trending romance shelf some time ago tho

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hmm was it a mafia story


Was it saved to your favorites

nope it isn’t I already checked

hmm, maybe mafia bad girl

Do you remember how many chapters the story had

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Nope … not exactly but I think it had a lot about 50 ?

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The Doberman by Meesza🤍


Oh thank you so much <3

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