Can you help me find this story? So bummed I lost it

I was only on the first episode when I accidentally hit the back button without saving it first. Here is all the info I have…
You can customize the MC’s name. It’s in LL. She is well off, gets cheated on and moves back to her hometown with her brother near her parents. Her childhood bestfriend, Myles Ramirez, is still living next door and he is the love interest. They drive together to school then he ditches the MC for his gf. THATS ALL I HAVE. PLEASE HELP… I’m sorry for the limited info.


It’s a premium story right?

I forgot the name too :sweat_smile: but it’s a premium story

I apologize, what is a premium story?

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Like a story with gems :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Not sure. I wasn’t even half way thru the first episode. But there were no gems thus far

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There really should be a search history availble. I just can’t remember the word I used when I searched

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Do you remember the story genre?

My best guess would be romcom or drama

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