Can you help me find this story?

Hey, I wanted help finding an episode story i have read before. Cause there is a story i read and i wanna read it again but i cant find it
(the problem is I can’t remember the name)

How it is:
-Twins (one boy and one girl)
-They begin at a school in the beginning
-They meet a boy, and the girl falls in love with him
-he ends up being a leader for another mafia and the girl stops seeing the boy
-she finds out that she is pregnant and then another guy (ethan) watches over both her and the baby

There is a girl and a boy (twins) that are a part of a mafia family. Now they are starting in public school. The boy gets a roomate who ends up dating the girl. Ends up that she finds out he is a part of a rival mafia and they stop seeing eachother. She finds out she is pregnant and a guy named ethan helps to look after the baby.

The stories people have suggested it is:
The reaper twins
Bad girl boss

Sounds like every single Episode story I’ve ever read. :stuck_out_tongue:

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