Can you help me find this story

Hi everyone, so i recently just had to switch from an iPhone to an android and i lost all the stories i was reading. I am slowly getting most of them back but i am stuck on trying to find on and was wondering if someone could help. I’m gonna do my best to describe the story hopefully i don’t give away to much of the story to those of you who haven’t read it.

The story is about a girl named alex she lives with her best friend in there own house and she is an assassin and her friend is a doctor only few people know that alex is an assassin one day her childhood friend comes by her place to visit and you end up figuring out that he runs a gang. I know that isn’t a lot to go off of but i don’t wanna ruin the story for other people. There were 3 episode stories for it the last time i was able to find the story. It was one able alex and then a spin off of her husbands cousin who i think was named derek and then the third story was about all of their children now grown up running the gang.

If anyone happens to know the name of the stories I’m looking for please reply i have been trying to find them for a month now and still haven’t had any luck. Any help that you can give me would be greatly appreciated and let me know if i need to put more of a description down below.

Was it an Episode Official story with gems? Was is LL or INK?

No it wasnt an official story and it was ink.