Can you help me with backgrounds!

Hey beautiful people!

let’s cut this shot cuz we don’t wanna read my nonsense right!

So i need a office room bg but the which is not it with tables and all but i dont know how to explain but a room with no bed ofc and i dont a dark theme?
(its mafia office room so you get me :nerd_face:)
I also need a very nice living room (optional-it should look spacious too )

thank you :two_hearts:


bump! @FantasyWorld :two_hearts:

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Maybe o this u’ll get

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Some of the backgrounds that I made. Not sure if they are the backgrounds that you need.

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they are amazing thank you

You can use if you want. If you want to credit me, just put my forum name. :smiley:

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sure :blush:

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