Can you help me with character names and personality's?

Hey! What are some unique, pretty, cool, trendy, edgy, exotic, handsome, or just good names and what would you envision a character with this name to be like? Cause you know when you hear the name Brittney or something you automatically go: Probably Blonde, probably likes Starbucks, Probably white. And although these are stereotypes they are usually true. Also you know how you look at someone and you think, Oh they look like a Sam! Ya know? Anyway if you could help me out that would be great!

Girl names
  • Willow - kind, laid-back, gentle. Blonde or brown hair. Has a gentle sort of look.
  • Fiona - Shrek :japanese_ogre: nah, I think of kind and generous.
  • Alexis - a little tomboyish, maybe?
  • Joy - bright, bubbly, happy
  • Haruka - 春歌 - it means springsong in Japanese and is a common name in Japan. Usually black hair and tanned/light skin, brown/black eyes.
  • Edith - kind, funny
  • Evelina - intelligent, kind
  • Jasmine - intelligent, generous, funny
  • Shelley - delicate, cute laugh
  • Millie - funny, witty
Boy names
  • Hunter - bad boy (according to Episode)
  • Axel - also bad boy (see above)
  • Noah - again, bad boy (see above)
  • Johnny
  • Ethan
  • Elijah
  • Toni
  • Leonardo
  • Piero


  • Make sure the ‘unique’ names you pick aren’t stereotype ‘unique’ names. For example, Axel would be unique, right? Wrong. You don’t see it much in real life, but Episode is full of them.
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