Can you help me with fashion?


I need an outfit for a male , it should be blue and black in ink style…
I created some outfits but idk they don’t look that great.
could you give me your examples?


any example will do , thanks


You can go to create option in the episode app. There just click on the create new story and there’s create male avatar and you’ll find a lot of outfits.


Haha I would help you but idek how to do an outfit or where :joy::wink:


Wow lmao.

And I’ll provide an outfit soon @ana_banana


What :joy:

I’m tryna be friendly :wink:




you can create an outfit on episode studio on pc. but thanks anyway :slight_smile:


ah thank you :slight_smile:


What do you think of this?


I think it’s really cute but maybe change the shoe colour to black and top to black to suit the black & blue combo?


A tad on the darker side though


yes I totally forgot :slight_smile:


No worries as the outfit is still nice :heart:


this looks great!
I appreciate your help a lot :smiley:
I will use both I think as i have two boy characters.


Ooh thank you!


please admins close the topic as I’m finished :slight_smile:



Topic closed by OP request. :wink: Remember to tag us @Sydney_H or @Jeremy, or we may not see your message. :grin: