Can you make 5 girls for the ultimate Friend Goals?

Okay, complete the form above and then leave a pic of what your Episode character should look like, for example, something like this :

And then do a description, so,
Skin Tone : Honey
Hair : High Ponytail (colour - Auburn)
Eyes : Upturned Luxe (colour - Purple)
Nose : Aquiline
Mouth : Classic Slender (colour - Bordeaux)
Face Shape : Oval
Eyebrows : Seductive Arch

And also an outfit description if you want :
Yellow Breezy Top, Cadet Blue High Waisted Pants & Chocolate Espadrilles Wedges
The outfit is optional, that is if you want me to use my stupid fashion sense to make an outfit for your character.

Thank you so much. Hopefully, I haven’t wasted your time. :wink:

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