Can you make a cover out of this?


Hi! I want a cover! Called Camp Flowisha!
pics! her pose is react_angry_shakefists and i want her to be dirty in mud :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

face above
eyes owo (above)

her pose is idle_armcrossed_netural_loop

Male/Female: Female
Skin tone:
Mouth: Full heart pouty
Mouth color:
Nose: Grecian Soft
Eye: Female Generic
Eye color: light purple
Eyebrows: Arched Natural
Eyebrow color (Limelight): black
Face shape: Diamond
Hairstyle: Medium Curly Solid
Hair color: Light blonde
How much of your character you want in your picture: (waist with face,) kinda next to the first girl.
facing her too
with Rose character but:
facing to the right more right behind the first girl.
doing laugh_giggle_pose something like that.
and the boy in JORDIAN_DEFAULT outfit
Skin: Brown neutral
Hair: Curly Mowhawk
Rest (nose, brow,etc is apart of the JORDIAN character)
Pose: Idle_bounce_happy_loop
I want him (waist size) by The second girl more left. I hope this Works out for you guys! :smile: :heart:


I can definitely try it will be ready in about a day or two hopefully!


Wow! Your actually trying thank you so much! :smiley: :laughing::heart_eyes: :hearts:


Your welcome! What color should their eyes be? Please make it in the order you described your characters.


And lips and their color plz.


Also who is Jordian? I would like info about how he should look.


WHOOPISE! :cold_sweat:

Eye color: Brown light
Lips: Full heart Pouty
Lip color: Peach gloss
Eye color: violet
Lips: Full heart Pouty (again)
Lip color: Violet Matte
Eye color: Black
Lips: small heart
Lip color: Pink Beige gloss


Can I also try? You don’t have to use it. I’m just bored.


I am sorry i didn’t mean Jordan UGH! i meant Lawrence


Alright I get it I have one more question please bare with me. For the second outfit is it the default character who wears that? And for the second character description is that for Rose?




Thank you :slight_smile:


Yes. Yes it is


Ok thank you!


But i might change the hair into beach wave hair, with the color Dark brown




I’ll go ahead with the change if you don’t mind and I’ll show you what the characters will look like before I start with the cover to make sure it’s what you want


Image result for thank you gif


Lol thanks!


Do these look good?