Can you make me a cover?

I want the girl to face right and is flirt_wink
I want the boy to stand on the right side and face left and him to be flirt_wink


Boy cc

Skin tone : Toffee
Eyebrows : Medium
Hair : Short Cropped black
Eyes : Stoic Almond blue
Nose : Button
Lips : Uneven Taupe
Face Shape : Defined Triangle


Skin tone: Tan
Eyebrows : Seductive Arch
Hair : Straight Chesnut
Eyes : Upturned Feline blue
Nose : Elven
Lips : Full Round Terracotta
Face Shape : Soft Heart

What’s the title of the story?

Small or large cover?

Sorry for replying so late :frowning: It is called Bad at Love
I want a large cover and a small one. TYSM!

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No problem. I have some splashes do do real quick then I can get started on them for you.

ok, thanks!

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No problems.

I could do it if u had other things to work on @ChayChay

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That’s fine… @kate3057 This is one of my group members and she will help ya out while I do the splashes. @Penny2 also still need those art scenes I posted in the chat

I’ll check them out and see if I can help

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Thanks… f you could make her characters for this one that would help me a lot.

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The one for moonlight8?

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I also need the boy to have a tattoo.

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I’m just seeing this… sorry jass did them…

Ok, thanks.

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