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Moana Motu high school

The RP
The plot

Alright, so what will make my idea different from the countless other high school RPs that make it to this stage or get created. Well, I wanted to focus more on the school aspect. Meaning classes, grades, and trying to pass. Of course, there will be socialising (what kind of RP would it be if there weren’t), but once it reached the end of a school day, I would do a time skip/SG post to the next day.
So, I plan to create all the teachers and play as them. They’ll all have different methods of teaching, punishments, ways to connect with them. So if your character doesn’t perform well in class then they might not be able to be involved in a school activity, like the school ball/prom or a sport.

The setting

This is a boarding school for teens aged 13-18 years old. It is located on an off the coast of New Zealand and welcomes students from all around the world. The school was established in 1894, the year after women got the vote in NZ. Although it is a mainstream school now and accepts all students, it still holds a high standard of learning and expects the pupils to be the best.

The NZ school system

New Zealand’s school consists of 13 years of school, 5 of those for high school. From age 5 to 18. Although, a student is able to drop out at 16 years old. Our school year also starts at the end of January or start of February and ends in December.

The year
  • Term 1: Late January/February to early April (Two-week break)
  • Term 2: May to early July (Two-week break)
  • Term 3: Late July to late September (Two-week break)
  • Term 4: Mid-October to December (Six-week summer holiday)

New Zealand doesn’t use grades to know what level you’re in, but years. So, we have 5 years of high school:

  • Year 9 (age 13-14): starting high school and has mostly compulsory subjects.
  • Year 10 (age 14-15): the most relaxed year of high school and still has mostly compulsory subjects.
  • Year 11 (age 15-16): NCEA level one and only three compulsory subjects.
  • Year 12 (age 16-17): NCEA level two and only one compulsory subjects.
  • Year 13 (age 17-18): NCEA level three and no compulsory subjects.

New Zealand doesn’t use GPA, we have our own system called “NCEA”. It consists of three high school certificates (one, two, and three), which help you with further education (university). Throughout each year (year 11-13), you collect credits through assessments and exams, and must collect 80 with each one to get the certificate.
So to get the credits, all you have to do is pass the assessments/exams. How well you do on them will only be shown on your overall grade at the end of the year or school experience.

Any more questions about the system, what classes are, or anything in general, then ask below!

Please read ALL the information below before signing up!

RP Rules

This will be an RP with SG elements (very occasionally). I could SG (write for) all your characters during certain points, but only if I find it is needed.
Rules -

  1. Standard [roleplaying rules](Start here: Rules to the SG & RP Subcategory) apply!
  2. Be active and able to reply at least once a day. You don’t have to be overly active, waiting for people is all gravy since we live all over the world! But once a day is all I ask. Please tell me if you can’t.
  3. To counter number 2, please don’t be TOO active. No back-to-backs (when two people continue to reply to each other over a few hours)! I dislike them because the posts lose quality and don’t really enhance the story much! So not more than 3-4 posts in a row.
  4. Write in the third person, please try not to have the character be you and write in the first person. If you write in the first person then it makes it weird and harder to have bad stuff happen to your character, because it feels like we’re doing it to you.
  5. Write in the past tense, that way the story is logical and easy to follow.
  6. Keep posts to a reasonable length. A long one is fine, just not every time, else people will tire and not read them all. Too short and you’re not giving the other writer much to work with. Try to write at least four lines, not sentences (that’s about 9-10 lines on a mobile device).
  7. In saying that, please try to post all your characters’ posts, as well as their follow-up replies, into just one post at a time (if you can). This keeps the thread tidy and it’s kind to your fellow RPers. If someone has to go and is away for 12 hours, then there is nothing more daunting than returning to see 20-100 new posts. If you can condense 2-4 character posts in one, it’ll be so much easier.
  8. Feel free to ask me ANY questions in chat!
  9. Please write your character’s location next to their name in every post. It just makes it easier for me (and everyone) to keep track of them. For example:

Name of character || Location

As for the rules, I’m going to be strict and implement a “three strikes and you’re out” system. You will get two to three warnings (depending on how nice I feel), then you will be removed from the RP if you continue, and your characters may just be put up for adoption.


You can still sign-up for the first real-life week (or maybe two) after the RP starts. Find the thread here.



The school


Report Card


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Sunday, 3rd February 2019

On this beautiful summer’s day, it was a very warm 17 degrees Celcius this morning, at 10:30am, with the hope that it will reach a high of 28. The sun shone down on Moana Motu as the ferry travelled over calm waters to the dock, a gentle breeze blew around the island. The top of Moana Motu high school could be seen above the trees; from the dock to the school, is a five to ten-minute walk along a widened path through the trees. The ferry had on it all the returning year 13s, as well as all the newbies, the year 9s. When the ferry had docked, the year 13s walked down the path to the school, followed then by the hesitant year 9s.

Danielle Smith was first out of the gate as she bolted from the ferry and down the path toward the school. She’d been on the boat for almost an hour and needed to escape, needed to run.

Feeling a little nervous on the boat, about entering his final year of school and not wanting to disappoint his parents, Mitch Neilson had tried flake in the ferry’s bathroom. He sniffed, rubbing his nose as walked off the boat with Audrey Rose Ford. He was talking her ear off about his Christmas Holidays back home in Chicago and how many parties he had. Audrey, who was excited and partly nervous for this year to try to earn a scholarship, could hardly keep up with what he was saying. She wondered why Mitch was speaking twice as fast as normal, it can’t be just excitement.

Quickly hurrying off the ferry, after Mitch and Audrey, was Michelle Smith, trying to escape the crowds. Pursuing her though, was Rowan Nelson, with his camera. Unfortunately, his favourite subject to photograph, Jordi, wasn’t here, so he was trying to get the only year 13 he hadn’t managed to snap yet. This was the final year, the final chance to make his parents proud before university and becoming an adult. However, Michelle wasn’t having any of it and darted between the others in order to escape, but Rowan was hot on her tail.

Reese Montgomery and Jack Sprout had been talking on the ferry and now were the first year 9s off the boat. When Jack, in his backwards All Backs cap and a full face of perfect makeup, approached the seemingly nervous Reese, it took them about 20 minutes to warm up to each other. Now, walking along the path, they’d talked about their home-towns, Jack’s love for sports, Reese’s love for drawing, and the current topic of the world and travelling. Reese was still too shy to mention his change, despite being pretty sure that Jack would be open to it.

Seeing Mika Montgomery walking alone up the path since her brother was talking to someone else, Cristiano “Cris” García King took the opportunity to talk to her. He was overconfident in his greeting, which spooked her even more, so he changed his tactic to try to win her over. They started slow, by discussing the school, and how Mika was a little nervous. Though that soon turned around when Cris telling her all about the school and how excited he was for this year. By the time they reached the building, they were both in awe of the place.

Hopping off the boat, Mark Fred Jonas didn’t talk with anyone. Keeping to himself all the way to the main building. He felt nervous about attending a school again and he hoped that his bad reputation wouldn’t change anything at his new school. Especially since he was older than the other kids that were in the first year.
Mr Brooks, the principal, was standing off to the side of the main door, greeting the students. Giving all his returning seventh formers a massive grin. He’d already read through all the transcripts of all the little third formers and know them all by name. So when he saw the boy he was looking for, just ahead of Kiku and Mackenzie, he gave him his friendliest smile. With that, he said in an equally friendly voice. “Mr Jonas, would you mind talking with me a moment?” He gestured to his left, toward the courts.

Ever since Kiku Mizushima abruptly asked Mackenzie Tyler what kind of camera she was using back on the ferry, she has been trying to talk with her. Mackenzie, who was not used to people trying to be her friend, was caught off guard and tried to hide by taking photos along the walk. Despite this, Kiku had exchanged a little information with her as they walk inside the main door; such as birthdays, where they’re from, hobbies and interests, and that they’re both nervous yet keen to improve their grades this year.

So it is just the 9s and 13s for now, and please have them follow everyone into the assembly hall, so I can give you all the next task.


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*As for the 10s/11s/12s, I’ll create a post for them a few hours later (in the RP). *
Though, today (in the RP), is just going to be a day of socialising and settling in.


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You can still create 9s and 13s, or any other age now, but please wait for me to write an intro for the character! (wink)


MARK FRED JONAS || outside of the school/near the boat

Mark was quickly heading to school. He tried to avoid eye contact with anyone, especially younger students.
He was two years older than them which felt really weird for him. He was always confident and quite talkative but right now, he was moving fast past the students with hands in his pockets and head turned to the ground.
Suddenly he heard the voice behind him. The friendly looking man was smiling at him with a massive grin.
”Good morning.” said Mark and nodded his head.
”And of course, we can talk.” the boy tried to smile nicely but it didn’t work well. His grin turned out to be more mischievous then kind.

@CrazyCaliope - Mr. Brooks (you are playing the teachers, right?)

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Mr Brooks || Next to the courts
Mr Brooks was wearing a cream polo shirt tucked into brown tweed trousers. He’d taken off his matching tweed jacket, as it was far too hot for it today. He was still grinning when Mark turned.
”Good morning. And of course, we can talk.”
“Good morning, Mr Jonas, thank you.” He started to make his way over to stand near the metal net-like fence, which surrounded the courts. He turned to face Mark and continued speaking, “I am Mr Brooks, the principal here, and I’m pleased that you have joined us this year at our school. However, I am aware of how awkward you may feel being the oldest in your year.” He paused a moment. “Before I make my suggestion, I ask you, how much effort are you planning to put into your study this year?”

@SilverRose - Mark Fred Jonas (Yes, miss)

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MARK || Courts

He was following the man to the courts. They stood by the metal net.
Mark fixed his white shirt’s collar and waited for him to speak.
The old guy said he was a Principal. On those words, Mark changed his position. He took his hands out of the pockets and stood straight, slowly breathing. In his previous school, the discipline was very important, that’s why he was acting like that.

“Before I make my suggestion, I ask you, how much effort are you planning to put into your study this year?”

”A lot!” He answered fast. ”In my previous school, I was a good student until…” he paused. Until I started selling drugs.


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~ CRIS ~ Outside the School ~

Though he’d only just met her, Cris thought that he liked Mika. He hasn’t had much to go off of, but he liked the small parts of her he’d been exposed to. He thought that she’d be a good best friend. Their friendship was new, however, and it would take the coming days for Cris to truly see what kind of person she was.
They approached the school and Cris stopped right in front of the entrance, looking up at the building’s grandeur. He whistled appreciatively, taking in the sight of the huge school. Willow, his sister, had shown him pictures but nothing was like seeing it for himself. He nudged Mika, an awe-filled smile stretching across his face. “Isn’t it just… wonderful?” His Spanish accent still lightly tinged his words, even despite so many years away from full-time Spanish speaking. “Isn’t it just incredible to imagine spending the rest of our high school years here?” He swung his arm around her shoulders, his grin still wide as ever. “This is going to be an awesome year, Mika. I can feel it.”

@Littlefeets - Mika Montgomery


Mr Brooks || Next to the courts
”A lot!” Mark answered quite quickly before finishing with a little more, ”In my previous school, I was a good student until…”
“That’s good to hear.” Mr Brooks had a calm intake of breath while slowly holding his hands behind him. With a release of air, he continued, “Regretfully, I must tell you that you must stay in year 9 this year, but I can offer the option of doing extra work for each class and perhaps the odd extra class here or there. This will be for year 10 and if you finish the year with at least a Merit grade, I could have you start as a year 11 next year. Closer your age, how does that sound?”

@SilverRose - Mark Fred Jonas

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Mika Montgomery || Outside the School
As Mika stood in front of the school with Cris she was just in awe at the magnificent school in front of her. She smiled as she looked to Cris. Cris had seemed pretty nice so far. A little overconfident and pretty outgoing in her opinion, but definitely pretty nice. “Yeah it looks amazing, and gigantic…” She was looking forward to being at the school, but she was still nervous about the new experience and everything. She was slightly surprised as Cris put his arm around her shoulders. “Well I hope you’re right. I’m still nervous, but I’m looking forward to it. This school is supposed to be great, so I’m glad to be here.”



MARK || Courts

He was listening to the Principal while slowly nodding his head, to show that he agrees on that terms.
He was ready to work as much as possible to be in the 11th class and finish school as 19-year-old.
”Great” he smiled. ”Thank you for your attention and understanding. I’m glad you are willing to help me Mr. Brooks.”
He slowly turned away from the Principal and started heading to the school entrance.
The whole building was massive and despite its age, it still looked modern and well-conditioned.
Mark was observing other students as he went inside to finally find himself in the main hall.
He stood there awkwardly waiting for some more information to be given.



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~ CRIS ~ Outside the School ~

“Mika, you’ll soon find that I’m almost never wrong. I have the intuition of a god, like it’s that good.” Perhaps he’d been exaggerating a tad there, and he was almost certain if Willow was involved in this conversation she’d point out every time his ‘god-like intuition’ had failed them; which was more often than he’d like to admit. But he was positive that this time, his intuition was onto something. “Besides, at least we aren’t the only new kids. We’re surrounded by a bunch of other people who also have no idea what the hell they’re doing. If that’s not even a little bit comforting, I don’t know what is. Now,” he paused, removing his arm from around her shoulder and bowing in front of her, offering up his hand as if he were asking her to dance. “Shall we enter mi’lady?”



MItch Neilson || W/ Audrey Ford
Mitch walked off the Ferry with Audrey Ford. He didn’t talk to her very much before today but he was a very outgoing person and could basically talk to whoever he wanted. Even if he knew that person didn’t like him. No shame in doing what you want, he always thought. Mitch saw some of the usual faces as he looked around and some new ones. Some new, cute ones. He didn’t even like school if he was being honest but here he is. It was more of a social aspect for him. The school itself was very nice though and he was happy that he at least attended one that was as advanced as this because he couldn’t even imagine going to one that was anything less. Guess thats the privileges my parents gave him talking.

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Mika Montgomery || Outside the School
Mika laughed at Cris’s comment about his intuition. “Hopefully this isn’t one of those times where your intuition steers us wrong.” She nodded understanding his point of the fact that they weren’t the only new kids there. “I guess you’re right. Plus counting you I know two people here now. So that’s somewhat reassuring.” Mika shrugged slightly as she spoke and Cris moved his arm. She then laughed as Cris bowed as if he was asking her to dance. She struggled trying to keep a straight face as she said, “We shall fine sir.”


Reese Montgomery || Outside the School
Reese walked alongside Jack as they walked towards the school on the path from the ferry. “Traveling isn’t really the top of my list of stuff I like, but I’ve been to quite a few places now. Different places do have interesting things to read or draw though.” He was still nervous talking with Jack, but he was slowly getting a bit more comfortable around him.

@CrazyCaliope - Sorry it’s kinda short, I wasn’t quite sure what Reese should say/do


~ CRIS ~ Outside the School ~

“Psh.” He dismissed her remark about his intuition being wrong. Wrong! As if. He didn’t have many doubts about this school year; he expected it to pass easily, as did the ones before it. He had no reason to believe otherwise. “Two? Who’s the other person? Do you have a sibling? A cousin? Long lost lover?” He peppered her with questions, swooning dramatically at his last one. “Well, I’ve got a sister, she’s in Year 10. So then I know you and her which puts me two people ahead of every Year 9… except you.” He smiled, this one less cocky than all of his other smiles had been. Mika’s laughter only further fuelled his behaviour so he grabbed hold of her hand and pulled her close to him, dancer-style. “I was hoping you’d say that,” he said, his confident air pulsing around him in full force. He effortlessly twirled her into a dip, his grin like that of the Cheshire cat. He held her in the dip for a few seconds longer before abruptly pulling her back to her feet and then running for the front doors. “C’mon Mika! It’s time to start our next adventure.”

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AUDREY ROSE FORD :chess_pawn:

~ outside of the school

Audrey was walking slightly stressed about her last school year, trying to understand what Mitch was whispering to her. From his quick mumble she only understood a few words: family, holidays, dinner… the rest were incomprehensible to her.
She nodded several times, smiling, trying to analyze his behavior. However, instead of her thoughts, she heard only Mitch’s talking and that kept on distracting her… it began to irritate her.

“Mitch… slow down please.” she said, placing her hand on his shoulder and sighing slightly.

“I understand your excitement, but I don’t know what you’re talking to me.” She added, lifting her red eyebrows up and smiling a little indulgently.

@Madilnel - Mitch


Kiku || Inside the entrance hall
Kiku was chatting away with Mackenzie when she noticed the crowd of students walking to the assembly hall. Nervousness gets the best of her as she walked to the assembly hall with the rest of the students. She quietly wondered to herself what other people would think of her this year.
“So what are you most excited about this year?”


Rowan- Outside of School

Rowan kept following everyone up to the school snapping as many pictures as he could. Rowan was excited about another school year and who and what he can take pictures of. Right now the only year 13 person Rowan has not taken a picture of is Michelle. “Come on Michelle just on picture.” he says smiling and hoping she would say yes to me.



Jack Sprout || Outside school, heading inside
Jack was bounding quickly up the path in a hurtling manner. It wasn’t until he turned his head at Reese words, “Traveling isn’t really the top of my list of stuff I like, but I’ve been to quite a few places now. Different places do have interesting things to read or draw though,” that realised he was leaving him behind a little. Jack slowed his pace as they entered through the grand doors.
“But how can travelling not be very high on your bucket list? If you go to these places then you can see the people, the life, and you can draw that. It makes art that much more special and unique,” Jack told him with a smile. He didn’t know much about art, but he hoped what he had said had some truth to it.

@Littlefeets - Reese Montgomery

Mackenzie Tyler || Outside school
Still trying to hide, and secretly wishing that this girl would just walk off and leave her be, Mackenzie knelt down next to the building as they were rounding the corner and saw the main door. She was trying to get as close as she could to a trail of ants she just saw.
“So what are you most excited about this year?”, the girl asked.
Snapping a few shots, adjusting her focus, and snapping a few more, Mackenzie waited before answering. She then got up and continued to make her way toward the doors. “I don’t know,” she replied quietly with a slight shrug. “I really want to explore this island but my father would say to make friends.” She paused to think, not really knowing much about communicating with her peers. “What are you excited about?”

@Stargazer54 - Kiku Mizushima

Michelle Smith || Inside main (front) corridor.
As she darted around another pair and around the main doors, Michelle heard Rowan say, “Come on, Michelle, just one picture.” She let out a heavy sigh, stopped, and pulled her hair out in front of her face. Finger-combing it over her eyes.
“No. Put the camera away, Rowan, and I’ll talk to you, but NO pictures. Okay?”, She told in the firmest voice that she could muster.

@KBaldi93 - Rowan Nelson


Rowan ll Inside main (front) Corridor

Rowan just sighs knowing he is not going to win this round so he gave up. Rowan puts his camera away as well. “Fine Michelle its away. Year 13, can you believe it.” Rowan was very excited and could not wait to start the year. He could not believe that he will be going to University next year. They kept walking as Rowan was waiting for Michelle’s response.

@CrazyCaliope- Michelle Smith


Kiku || Outside of the school

Kiku swept the hair out of her eyes and looked onward at the crowd of students shuffling forward. But she thought about that question, “What are you excited about?”
and she answered almost with no hesitation, “The music and drama program. A lot of famous people have come from this school being in those programs- I wanna be just like them!”
She looked up to the sky and closed her eyes, almost like being on a stage. She could almost see the lights- the crowd, then she remembered where she was and meekly looked down at the ants and Mackenzie.
“We really should get going, we don’t want to miss anything.”
She paused before walking forward with the crowd.
@CrazyCaliope - Mackenzie


Michelle Smith || In the main corridor.
Michelle continued to stroke her down over her left eye, as she watched him put his camera away with her right. “Fine, Michelle, it’s away, he continued. "Year 13, can you believe it,”
“Thank you,” she told him, as she caught up to walk next to him and neared the hall. “Yeah, final year. No more school, no teachers, no NCEA, no more island.” Michelle gulped quietly. “Sort of. We’ll still have the same with Uni.”

@KBaldi93 - Rowan Nelson

Mackenzie Tyler || Outside school
The girl answered quickly, “The music and drama program. A lot of famous people have come from this school being in those programs- I wanna be just like them!”
Mackenzie was no longer looking at her, so she didn’t see the girl appear to zone out of something. Instead, she was watching the growth and greenery around her. So much so that she almost tripped over entering the main doors. She would have to if it were for Kiku’s arm that just happened to be in gripping distance. “WOAH!”, she bellowed abruptly. Mackenzie pulled back sharply, looking at the floor with a flushed expression. “S… Sorry.”

@Stargazer54 - Kiku Mizushima