Can you publish a story with mixed outfits?

I know a few people who are interested in publishing stories in the INK style but with LL clothes. but i always thought that if you did that, you would get in trouble and story would get deleted. is this true? i want to make sure!

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…Uhmm… I’m confused…

You cant even make INK character wear LL outfits … in stories…
and if you have seen in edits… then those r just edits…

INK outfits are different and same goes to LL

yes you can, lol. you can make a story with ink characters, with LL outfits in it. it’s a cheat.

some can its a bug, same way there is a bug where you can have all 3 character styles in one story, its very hard to do though, and not everyone can because the bug doesn’t exist for all.


i remember reading a story that had all 3 styles, it was insane. im not sure if it was taken down, or deleted, because i cant find it.

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bro i remember that story too stop :skull:

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This one??? It’s still on the app. :woman_shrugging:t2: I loved reading it.
But she only could write this story, because it was a bug. Like @line123462 said it right, the bug doesn’t exist for all.


I remember it too hahah

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Omg you found it

I think I tried doing it but it didn’t work out well because the coding was for one style, either INK, LL, or classic, and the actions and some other things kept giving me errors that at the end I wasn’t able to preview it even. I think it’s just a headache but you can try, it must be possible

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no, it wasn’t this story, however that one looks funny! LOL, the story i read i think was a horror story

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I’ve never done it, so I’m not sure about logistics. But generally speaking, Episode doesn’t have a rule against bug exploits (one of my stories uses the all three art styles one, and was a contest entry + featured on an LGBTQ+ shelf - so the team definitely saw it but never took issue with it).

The one problem you might run into is whether the outfit shows up for all of your readers. If it doesn’t, and the characters instead show up without clothes for anyone who doesn’t have that bug, then your story could get in trouble for nudity. So if you try it, find beta readers with a variety of devices before publishing.


They could be overlays used as well. I’m not sure about how the bug, but I don’t think it works for everyone.

Hey All :smiley:

Just so you know, this method of outfit creation isn’t officially supported by Episode. Character styles aren’t meant to mix like this, and could cause issues for both your story and your readers, such as making your story unreadable. We wouldn’t recommend using it at this time.



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