Can you qualify for the writers payment if you co write a story with someone over the age of 18?

Can you qualify for the writers payment if you co write a story with someone who is over the age of 18?

I’m not an expert, so don’t take my words for granted. That should be a question directed to the support team by ticket, but I may know the answer.
Technically speaking, yes. Although, payment will be sent to the person who is 18, because you need to provide your data in it, tax information, bank account etc. However, it may cause you both problems if you end up dividing that payment because the person under 18 isn’t qualified.
There was a case when a girl, who was under 18, took payments; someone found out and she was banned. If she had to give back that money? I have no idea, but to be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised. In this case, I assume that not only someone under 18 would have consequences, but also someone who is over 18 and provided their personal data.
You need to be aware that sooner or later someone will find out about the scheming, so I would advise not to even think about cheating in this area just for a few dollars in payment.


Okay tysm for the information :two_hearts:🫶🏻

I think I even know who you are talking about…

In my opinion, that rule should change because in my country you can have your own card and account at 16, but if you are younger, you can still have an account and card, but that have to be on your parent(s) name(s).

But it’s an income, and it’s also related to taxes. I don’t know if in your country you file your taxes at 16 (not to mention younger people). After all, it’s all about legal regulations, and it’s not your parents income but yours.
You can also see it that way: when you’re underage, you can’t be in a commission program or sell your story to Episode, because that’s not legal.

Knowing how many people who create stories here are underage and how many of them are interested in becoming “popular”, just to earn money (you can just say it by seeing threads here often about that or the question “can you earn money writing on episode”), because they see their fav authors having millions of reads, it’s good that beside legal things the line is 18.

@Mi_writes You can start working from 16. It means you have to pay taxes, so technically you could earn from Episode too.