Can you rate my first full character edit?

So like i said it my first time i was Editing a full character and i want you guys’ s opinion , do you guys like it , love it or hate it ?

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I’m not an artist by any means, but if I had to give a suggestion I would say smooth out your lines a bit, maybe with the smudge tool or blur tool.

You can use those tools too where you have weird color switching like at the jawline.

But awesome work for your first time!

thank you !

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if you guys wanted to see the original version here it is

Hey Lynai, PM me so I can help you a bit! :heart:

okay !

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You need to make more clear lines. and the head is uneven also its really proper when you let the original artwork be under the one you make.

Well, I mean all you did was trace over and color. If you really want to enhance it, you have to add shading. So that would be my tip, you absolutely need to shade. And as I saw people said before, you lines are very pixelated, so make you canvas size larger to eliminate that. Also, I hade noticed you had a bag in the original but not in the art. And now there is just a random white box on the art…

Hope that helps!

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