Can you recommend stories without teen drama?


Hi! So my mom started reading on Episode to improve her English, but I don’t know stories that she may like. I suggested her to read Blake by Wictoria Forevel and she loved it because it is so emotional but she is at the last episode of it abd I don’t know what other stoties to recommend her. Do you have any suggestions?


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These aren’t high school based kind of stories so maybe one of these: (These are all completed stories.)

Cetrinda - Sarah Kieser
Deepest Desire - Sarah Kieser
The Abomination - Isabella Costa
It’s Just Four Letters - Maddie V
Adventures Away: Elythia - Anneliese Allen
Dead 7 - Kayla S.
Infamous - Kayla S.
Infamous 2: Sons of Evil - Kayla S.
Game Life - Kayla S.
PP: Offline - Kayla S.
Demon Roommates - Kayla S.
How To Be Funny - Kayla S.
Dr. Casanova - Rexie
Trials of Suburbia - TORIAH
Birds of Passage - Brooke Adair
Adventures Away: Argiyon - writer.LB
It’s Just an Illusion - Miss Mj
The Assassin: Femme Fatale - Mette M. Peleikis
Forbidden Pleasures - Charity Sweet
Back and Forth - earlgreytea (This one is in high school, but I don’t think it’s like the others.)
Damaged Goods - Aks6622
Fake Love - Sandra G
Chain Reaction - Miss Mj
Exotic Dancer - Anastasia S.

Here are some more, but some are high school based:


Adrenaline, it’s best story I have ever read so far. I Love it and I’m sure your mother will too, she’s the best author tbh.


The author of the **ADRENALINE ** story is: Evil Ebonni


I love Adrenaline too! I will suggest it, thank you!


Thank you, I will suggest them! If she doesn’t like one of these I guess she’ll stop reading


Haha yay!! You welcome !


Try “The Hollywood Scandal”. It’s inspired by real events in Hollywood.


If she likes Blake, she might like Speak by @J.Miley
It is a mature emotional read about a girl trying to escape her past and cannot speak. I highly recommend it. It is actually my favorite story on Episode.


Thank you!


Thank you! That sounds interesting, I will suggest it!


Thank you for the shout out!


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