Can you relate to this?

Them: I’ll do a read 4 read and leave feedback!! Here’s a link to my story.

Me: Okay! Here’s my story too.



Lmao does this happen to anyone else?


Fr it’s so annoying.
It’s like sisters just spam their stories?

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:joy::rofl: Sorry but The Office gif killed me


It’s like “I’m waiting sis.”

Oh I am guilty of it at times as I am a procrastinator and I have a bunch of stuff to review as well but I try my best haha but I get you

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I can relate to this and another thing lol:

Yep, this happened to me once, no joke : (

Anyway to everyone out there, please be careful when doing read4reads-am sure there are many wonderful people out there, but there are so bad ones, too, unfortunately : (

And sometimes, on the forums, you have some people copying and pasting their story in every category even if it has nothing to do with reading each other’s stories and is just a directing questions thread, it can be really irritating-um…there is a promote your story category and read4reads out there, no need to do that!

P.S Sorry for the rant but I totally understand how you feel.


Yes!! That happened to me more than once. That’s why I gave up doing read for reads because people don’t hold up their end of the stick.

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