Can you release your episode even if it has an error message?

I’m wondering if I can publish my new chapter when I have an error message? I used the hidden animation dance_kpop_freeze for a female character and the error message says that it does not exist. It’s not misspelled. Is this what happens when you use hidden animations? Because I’ve used others like “shocked” and errors didn’t appear…

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I think that the site won’t let you publish an episode with an error in it…

I believe it is not alowed to use hidden things in general…um therefore thay are hidden because thay should not be used by common writers. :slight_smile:

I don’t think you can use hidden animations. And no, you can’t publish your story with error messages.

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Hidden animations are not allowed to be used and some a currently not working. Any error message will prevent you from publishing.

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No unfortunately you cant. I wish you could though…

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