Can you see yourself reading this sort of story?

I’ve got some character designs and plot outlines for a future story, but I want to know if anyone here would every be interested in it.

It takes place in 2015, in the US. Two queer women, both in their 60’s. They’ve been girlfriends since they were teenagers. It’s basically documenting their engagement, and eventually, finally-legal marriage (because gay marriage was legalized in the US in June 2015.

I’m really sick of only seeing stories about heterosexual high schoolers. The good, nerdy, girl meets the smirking bad boy (who’s almost always in a gang), or even the gender bent versions, because believe it or not, IT’S STILL CLICHE.


I think that you should go for it! I have to agree that most of the stories I read on Episode are really cliche, but your idea has a lot of originality. I would personally enjoy reading it since it would be such a nice change of pace in content.


thanks for the input, i really appreciate it :slight_smile:

I would totally read this!!!


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thank youuu <3

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Love the idea!

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That sounds awesome! I would totally read it.

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I would 100% read this story.

LBGT+ stories are basically impossible to find and this sounds like a quality one that has actually done it’s research.

as a big fan of the 1960-70s era, will this story feature any flashbacks?

absolutely. i want to show how people interacted back then, and when gay marriage was legalized :slight_smile:

I would read it! I support LGBTQ+