Can you share the oil brush in ibis paint hair brush or any brushs are enough pls

I want it plss

I think you should be more specific

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I go to the oil section
Pick oil (hair)
I really love this brush because when you turn the thickness to lik 2 or 3 it looks exactly like a hair strand and you can use it to sketch the hair, make eyelashes, and sketch hair edges

For painting skin i use pen( fade) should be near the top of the brush list
If you like to paint individual sections or paint the whole skin base color and add the bronzer and blush ut works really well…
For texture i use pointillism. You have to scroll a bit but i promise its there
This brush and a couple of brushes beside of it look like freckles and can be texture brushes. After youve completed the face or arms take a color thats a little but lighter or darker and itll make the skin look textured really quick (note that the color has to be changed by a really small amount)

Use felt tip pen soft and if you create a layer and change the mode to add itll make everything look shinier (note that parts that reflect light make the skin around it glow a bit so add a glow around it at low opacity

I hope this all helps if you want to know more or ask questions feel free to dm me😊

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I’m so sorry but I still don’t understand

are your asking if you can share the brushes to a friend so they an use it.

or share it to a different program

ORRRR Pin brushes?

^ this is applied to Ibis Paint

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Yes some of you call oil brush in ibis x

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okay… I’m trying to help but still don’t fully understand…
I think I got your answer

you can share brushes as well and download
their is also a way to make your own but I’m not sure

I hope these links are what your looking for
How To Get New Brushes For Free
Free Brushes from brusheezy
Exporting and importing

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