Can you still see the overlay even though it hasnt been approved?

Hi, so I havent posted in a while but I’m trying to do this scene where I need to see my overlay but its not showing up.

The thing is I recently just uploaded this overlay and it has not been approved yet. All I wanna know is if you can see it when coding even though it has not been approved yet.

Because I cannot…

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you should be able to, yes. try refreshing, exiting the page, logging out and then back in again


Yes, you can use an overlay before it’s approved. If you can’t see it, there could be many reasons for that. Check to see that you coded it correctly, check the zone it’s in. You can post a screenshot of your script and we can help you figure out the issue


Hello, its been a long time. Since I forgot most of my coding I cant seem to have my overlay appear. Here is my script

Ice cream is the overlay I’m trying to make appear.

If I did it right how could I possibly make it appear in zone 2 ?

When you use the “create” command, you need to add the opacity and set the opacity to 1. Using “create” sets the opacity to 0 so you need to manually set it to 1 to see the overlay.

And since you panned to zone 2, you will need to shift your overlay to zone 2. Adding an overlay to the scene automatically places it in zone 1

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Thank you ! It finally appeared. As always I appreciate the immediate help. Have a good night.

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