Can you suggest some stories


I’m looking for some good stories to read…haven’t read many in a while…
(Been caught up in writing my own)


What genre ?
Anything specific ?


Maybe something in the Drama or Romance category


Side chick’s guide to revenge


Speak (J.Miley)
To Love Again (Joriemar)
Wasted Roses (Geniveve M.)


Here are some I recommend:

  • One Of The Girls by Amberose
  • Rosehaven by AJ Nicole
  • Melody Of The Heart by Peiyang
  • Revival by Toriah
  • Wentworth by
  • Camp Stillwater by Sharnaye
  • Amnesia by Josefine H.
  • Faking Death by S. Langdon
  • To Love and be Loved by Steele Magnolia
  • Follow Me - A Mystery Thriller by Clarkie
  • Dirty Sexy Teenagers by Lucky
  • Treasure Hunt by Toriah
  • Reformed by Cordelia M


Hope you can give mine a try😓
Title: Choose?!!!


I will


Thanks :blush:hope you enjoy :wink:


I read a few chapters of One of the Girls by @amberose and it was amazing! I will for sure continue reading it :sparkles:


You sure about the title ?




Well, hum, maybe something more… you know… catchy.

People scroll and look at all the stories, you need an appealing title.

But don’t mind me, as long as you are proud of it… That’s all that matters.

What do you think ?


Thanks! And thank you @HermanEpisode for recommending my story


Not really , I am gonna change it to out of the…box?! But Episode didn’t approve my covers yet😅