Can you tell me......? and help me?

Is this cover good for my story?
Princess Charm school is the title.

Large cover

Small cover
some animations like:-

This is related to barbei stories.

Hey :slight_smile:
I was just wondering, these look like Barbie images, not sure if they are or not. But if they are. Make sure your source you are taking these images from are public domain images and not subject to copyight. Otherwise you aren’t legally allowed to use them.


I know but I don’t use them in my story, its a animations only

Top of them are ready for my story because episode approved that my images

Not sure what you mean by animations only. Just to be clear, if they are barbie images or anything like that and aren’t copyright free it’s not safe to use on episode. But that’s just a warning of the rules :slight_smile: Just letting you know

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Okay, I don’t use them. Thanks for your advice