Can You Transfer a Story From Another App to Episode?

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So, basically I’ve been wanting to write a story and I’m torn whether to write it on Episode or Wattpad. Sure, Episode is great, but I’d really want to see EVERYTHING in word form first before I put it in animation. So, I thought of putting it on Wattpad instead, but I want to put it in animation or in the Episode style too. So I thought, is it possible to write an ORIGINAL story in Wattpad, publish it, then do the EXACT same story but in Episode?

I really want to know if this is possible since I really want my story to be known all around, but it might not spread as I thought if it’s only in Episode.

You can first publish it on Episode, then publish it on Wattpad.

TIP: You can use Spotlight style if the story has more narration.

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But, is it possible if it’s Wattpad first then in Episode?

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You’re not copying another person’s story, so, I guess it’s possible…

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You mean from a copyright perspective?
It’s your story so it’s fine.

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So basically, it would be different if you had a contract with one of the two and they owned the rights to use your story on their app exclusively, but just writing the same story on both platforms shouldn’t be an issue.

You own the rights to your content. If they haven’t bought your story and you’re not writing for them as contract work, Episode and Wattpad just act as places to host said content.

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So, as long as it is MY own story wherein I HAVEN’T signed a contract with them, I can write one in Episode and Wattpad?

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Yes, you can. Hosting platforms like Episode get their money from advertising and ticket/gem purchases, so they don’t need to purchase stories or publish them with their company exclusively to stay in business like a publishing company would.

If it’s YOUR story you can write it on Wattpad first and then Episode or vice versa. Episode does not own the rights to your story when you publish on the plat form UNLESS YOU SELL IT TO THEM.

If they want to purchase the rights to your story to feature it they will approach you themselves.

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