Can you use AI art?

I recently messed around with some AI art apps and realized how simple it is, I don’t care for it much but I did commission an art piece once (not AI art) and it came out…not what I expected. I plan on finishing the story with no other art scenes but would it be unethical if I replaced the original art with something a friend whipped up in AI art app? Are we allowed to use AI art for our stories? If we did would we credit the AI app that was used vs the person who did it?

Hi, so I did a bit of googling for you :slight_smile: What I’ve found states that AI art cannot be afforded the same copyrights as an original work of art or creation and that it is allowed to use AI art commercially (so long as the platform used to make it allows public use and should be stated either on the sites main page or in their Terms of Service. )

No, I don’t think that it would be “unethical” because it’s your story and if you aren’t happy with how the current “art scene” looks, change it. :slight_smile: Maybe take the original image and post it to your IG or socials to showcase the art made for you-- but you aren’t obligated to keep using the image. :slight_smile:
Editing: I think it would be cool of you to credit the app or site used to make it – that way others can use them (if they are, like me, unable to draw a circle much less people lol)

Good luck in your story.


Hey! :green_heart:
Well, I personally wouldn’t use the Al art as its stealing other person’s art. It’s not fair that people spend days to make art and Al does it in few seconds.
Read my friend’s @line123462 explanation about it.

If you need any commission artist recs, i have a lot of friends on Insta and they do aart that makes me say “Wow!”. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The copyright situation and such were perfectly explained by @/ColeCatalyst. But what I want to let you know, when using AI, especially in image generation, you should be extremely careful. Most AIs were accused of ‘stealing’ from copyrighted pieces, and several companies providing AI that create art got sued, in more than one country,

(Short explanation, with ‘stealing’ I mean, they are accused of creating databases based on copyrighted art pieces, which is the issue.)

I don’t want to scare anyone, it’s extremely unlikely to get legal consequences as a normal user. I just want to show, the work of AI, especially in the image section, is quite suspicious.


Not to mention that it’s unfair (like even Kiki mentioned in her reply). Artists worked for hours on a single piece, whether it was commissioned work or their own art work for themselves, their pages, fanart, and so on. Those AI apps and website have a huge feud with artists community and yes, they were accused of that with the proof of stolen pieces from various artists. So, even if you don’t get into trouble, ask yourself if you want to do that.
Also be aware that someone can report your story because you’re using AI arts.

In general…
I also would like to remind you that everything you upload to the portal for backgrounds and overlays should be royalty-free, or you should own the copyrights. You don’t own copyrights for AI (if their terms are clear that they’re royalty-free and they own rights for pieces that were used to create the AI art that can be passed on to a user, sure, it can be used, but that’s unlikely), so it’s kinda breaking the episode rule. Every time we upload something we need to check the mark for this little agreement. If you’re not the owner (or don’t own the rights to it), that’s a violation. For example: backgrounds, art from pinterest, google, etc etc.


I talked to sydney about it some time ago, there is no rules against it on episode. but personally, I find it wrong. and wouldn’t recommend it.

your a writer. you know there exist AI there write stories too. now like art AI. they make a lot of mistakes. you spend hours writhing. lets say just for fun your story was in a writhing contest and you lost to an AI, or if you where trying to get published, but they choice to publish an AI story instead of yours. AI’s is basicly a google search. and people using AI’s are saying a google search is better then peoples passion and years of work.


Almost all art-producing AI is trained with art that is stolen from artists. Please don’t use AI art, even if that is the easiest, cheapest option.

Instead, try:
. Checking royalty-free websites. It’ll be more tricky to find what you’re after, but it’s a more ethical option.
. Look for artists that have lower prices.
. Learn how to make art yourself or edit existing artwork from Episode’s art library. (There’s hundreds of YouTube tutorials that show how to make appealing artwork and thumbnails for your Episode stories.)

Some readers might find the use of AI art to be a deal breaker, and it could make it more difficult to build an audience.


There are a lot of explanations to this:

  • The artist didn’t have the style you were looking for.
  • You didn’t provide enough details to the artist.
  • You didn’t show an exact reference, so the artist didn’t understand your idea.
  • The artist was beginner and didn’t know how to draw the exact pose.
  • The artist was using Al or scamming you with stealing other artists’ art.
  • Etc.

There are a lot of things, but mainly, when people usually commission something they:

  • Check the artist’s drawing style.
  • Check the prices (if commissions)
  • Give specific details that includes every single detail.
  • Ask for regular updates from the artist. (Sketch, outline, base color, shading, result)

depends on the ai art program i think. Some of them use real artists works to feed into the generator. I’m not a tech person, so idk how it works, i just know there were some controversy around some ai generators using real people’s art without permission lol

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Hey, I used an AI Artist app to make my cover art for my story.
I’m not trying to offend any episode artists nor am I trying to diminish their work, it’s just that I’m not in a position to pay for any art pieces at the moment and I didn’t think using AI would come to such a negative extent :face_with_peeking_eye:
Could any of you advice me on what to do?

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On the forums, you can find artists or editors that provide you with free work; their commissions should be open or will be soon (depending on the topic), and they will be happy to help you for just a credit. It’s also a good way for them to practice art/edits while they’re willing to support authors. :smiling_face:
You don’t need an art cover if you can’t afford it; edited covers are also good and popular.

edit: Oh, and I remember that also if you have IG, there are a few groups that can help you with art or covers when they have their requests open, so you just need to find them and apply. :smiling_face:


Thank you
Will try looking for one

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Well, I have an art shop here and some of my friends and other people have too. :green_heart:
I know some groups on Instagram that does amazing free art!
You just need to ask! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

P. S. My art is still not perfect, but I’m trying.


All of this is amazing advice I’ll definitely double check that I can use what i have and I definitely in no way want to take away from the art community like that so I won’t do it ever again. As for my commissioned work I think the lovely person who helped tried to do something they couldn’t execute however I was also duped with the sample work she had available I later found some of it wasn’t hers and was AI art. I feel like this robs people who do art on their own but I also feel like its an awesome starting point for people who struggle to convey features to artists and can help in that sense. Thank you everyone for your feedback, this definitely makes me want to remove it from my story lol

Thank you so much for offering!
Let me check it out

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Oh, so the “artist” is a scammer I see, yeah that unfortunately happens.

Always make sure to look properly on people’s art before commissioning someone. unfortunately, I noticed a lot of scammers on episodes in the time I was here. mostly people who trace copyrighted art. of a few who just stole art and claim it as their one. I only experience one who used AI though. but I am sure more will come.


It was definitely a learning experience it’s kind of scared my commission journey, I asked a girl on here from a free commission thread for something she said she would do it and 3 months later I’m still waiting (I’m hopeful lol) or maybe I’ve entered another learning experience :sweat_smile: I do see the simplicity in AI art and although its easy to use this thread has 100% detoured me from using any more in my stories.

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there is a site that can help with the copyright, it’s the AI Image Generator | Instant Text to Image | Shutterstock

The reason why is that it makes sure not to use copyrighted material. If it is unable to make you your art without the use of copyrighted material, it will not generate the art piece with your prompt.

You do not have to remove that art, especially since the artist scammed you.

I suggest using a commission because art generators are unreliable when copying the characters.

You would need humans to make it look like the actual characters. An AI is an AI and thus has no idea what the character is nor a brain to figure out what they look like.

This is even more true if the generator creates the character; listen to this recording: Vocaroo | Online voice recorder

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