Can you use bacrounds made yourself?


I’m so confused I uploaded some backgrounds online and I’m trying to use them on a story I made on the app but it’s not working. Am I being really dumb or can you not do that?


Yes, we can upload our own backgrounds :blush:What happend?


I’m trying to do it on the app and noting is coming up. Do I haft to do it on the writers portal?


If think that this is only available in the writer portal :sweat: but I make my stories in the writer portal so I might be wrong :wink:


Yes, you do. You go to art catalog, and press backgrounds, and you’ll see a thing where it says backgrounds (made by episode or something) and another option called backgrounds upload? (or your backgrounds) and you can upload your backgrounds there.


I could try and find out if u like


That would be wonderful! Thank you x


No problem x


I don’t think you can. But if you use the Writers Portal online you can but u can’t if your writing via moblie. Sorry x


That’s so annoying :frowning: thanks for finding out though x


No Problem If u need anything else don’t hesitate to contact me on here


Thank you I enjoy writing stories but I get SOO confused :joy: x


Me too. I’ve only just relesed my first story and it took me 4 weeks to do it.


It’s not just u x


Thank god :joy:


It’s called Glitch Game if u wanna cheak it out


I’d love to :blush: xx


I’m also trying to juggle 2 others as well. They havn’t been relesed yet


I’m trying to write one but I get SOO confused sometimes :joy:


IKR. Anyway if u need anything just let me know.