Can you write a story with more people in the same script


Heyy, I have a writers group but how can we write in the same script with 3 people?
If someone knows the answer I would like to hear it.

XXX esther


Each of you can just log into the email that you used to write your story with in the writers portal.


yes, we all are logged in, but what do we need to do then because we’ve tried it with an email and it doesn’t work


Who’s account did you start the story on?


On mine


Okay, so what part are you stuck on? You just give the others your email you used and it’s password, (if you don’t want to give your personal email details away I suggest setting up a new email for your group story that you can all access.) and then each of you can log on and just write the script.


okayy, thank you very much