Can your story be featured more than once on a weekly shelf?

Hi everyone,
My question is pretty clear in the title but I’ll clarify. My story The Water Tale has been featured on the hidden gem shelf for a week. My reads climbed a lot while I was on the shelf but since it ended I went all down on the ranks again. So I was wondering if there is any possibility that my story might end up on a weekly shelf again or if it’s a one-time thing. :thinking:

no, a story can only get on one shelf

hold on I’m 99,9% sure it’s like this but I’m trying to find evidence

It’s a one-time thing. The only reason they would re-feature your story is if it was revamped so much that it was basically a new story. I’ve had a friend that asked if they could be featured like a year or more after their original feature and this is the answer they were given. Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Alright, thank you!

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I remember they did that once or two times, but people got mad because they thought it was unfair for a story to win twice when there are thousands of stories in episode who need a chance.

They have featured LL versions of previously featured ink stories before but even that has stopped. It would not be fair to feature a story twice when there’s so many that also fit shelves

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