Cancelled roleplay



Total drama island, where 14 contestants battle in teams of 2 on an island.
Facing off in challenges on a gross island and forest and sleep in old and rusty dorm rooms.
Every challenge, there’s a winning team, and every challenge, the losing team votes a person off.

Casting IS open!
How to sign up:
Make a character, with a name, look description and bio.
Tell me, are you a strategic, social, or a casual player and why.

  1. Pleaseee don’t make your character perfect
  2. Don’t make the story only about yourself
  3. love is allowed and so is sex, but no graphic details
  4. Don’t start a tantrum when you get eliminated.
  5. HAVE FUN!


@Rasmus would you want us to screenshot the picture and pm you or do it on here?


Reserve for 2

How many characters can we make?


Someone already did this RP idea. I suggest you close this thread or change the idea of it because it sort of looks like your coping @kitty4322 's idea.

I am not saying you tried to copy her idea I’m just respectively saying you should do another idea.


And I thought it was the same rp…