Cannie’s cover art contest!

Hey guys! So I am back with a cover contest. I need covers for my most recent story which will be published soon. Some of you might have read the description in my last thread already!

The rules are simple.

  1. Both the characters must be included in the cover.
  2. It can be simple or drawn but drawn ones are a bonus if they look good!
  3. It should display the theme of the story - Love, Drama, Friendship, Youth and School.
  4. The characters are given below.
  5. There will be 3 winners :
  6. Have fun OF :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Prize 1
Their amazing art will be in my story and cover will be in my story and be posted for the awesome art in the contest.
Prize 2
Will have an art scene in my story and be a character in my story.
Prize 3
Posted on my Instagram and a character in my story.

Have a bright color for my story title.

Title of the story - Accidentally In Love.
Author - StoriesbyCannie
Summary - Alannah is the daughter of a rich household desperately wanting to avoid an arranged marriage and find love on her own terms. On the day of the wedding, she flees town and heads out to enroll in the same college where her parents studied, hoping to find out more about their death. She changes her appearance and name in an effort to hide her true identity and does her best to blend in with her classmates. Her desk-mate in school turns out to be the famous singer, Chris Crimson, whom she’s already had multiple run-ins with. The two don’t start off on the right foot, quarreling constantly and causing each other trouble. But could there be more between them? Thus starts Alannah’s quest for answers about her parents’ death and a chance at real love.


Bio-This is Alannah the Main Character and this is her nerd disguise here are the details.
Body Color~ Caramel
Brow~ Thin Curved
Hair~ Classic Bob
Hair Color~ Auburn
Face~ Soft Heart
Nose~ Eleven
Lips~ Full Round
MouthColor~ Terracotta
Eyes~ Upturned Luxe
Eye Color~ White


Bio-This is Chris Crimson The famous singer always an asshole but kind and gentle inside he tries to be romantic and its adorable.
Body Color~ Caramel
Brow~ Thin Arch
Hair~ Short Cropped Hair
Hair Color~ Chestnut
Face~ Diamond
Nose~ Button
Lips~ Uneven
MouthColor~ Terracotta
Eyes~ Stoic Almond
Eye Color~ Green

P.S. Your entry must be submitted by 29th February 2019 according to my story being published.

Feel free to ask me if you got any questions.

:grin: Have Fun!


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Thanks for the tag!
I’m too busy to join and the deadline is close. Sorry

it’s ok :slight_smile:

Is there a background that you would like and clothes :slightly_smiling_face:

Um the clothes they got on actually and the background could be this.

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