Cannot get in the app - flashing screen

I downloaded a new update for the Episode App, and then loaded.
But so far, I cannot get in the app. The title screen was loading, and then it cuts to black, and back to the title, and again and again, and then sometimes show a blank white screen.

I was hoping to read more, but this has gone on, again and again, since the new update. Is this a glitch, a loading issue, or is it something else?

Hey there @MizKProductions, that definitely sounds like a glitch. I’d recommend that you ask our support team for help via help ticket! When the ticket asks for your Support ID, simply put in 6 questions marks instead. :smiley:

Okay, I sent it. Now I wait for a reply from the admins. Gonna see what went wrong.

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Nothing works! Not even updating my phone fixed the flashing screen issue!
I can’t get into the app, just the loading screen, then flashes to black, then white!

I’m just about to uninstall Episode and reinstall it!!! :sob:

Nothing works.

I tried freeing space, re-installing the app, and even used another phone. NOTHING works!
And the app still won’t work!

And WHY didn’t it work??? Update 22.00 broke the game! I STILL need advice to fix it properly, and nothing works!!! :weary: :tired_face: :weary:

What else do you want from me, get a new phone???