Cannot log into account

I recently changed my phone (iphone to android) and in my old phone I used to have my episode account linked to my fb account, but now that I tried to log in it says that my account is being used in another device, even tho I erased episode from my old phone.

Any suggestion?

(Sorry if I put this in the wrong category, I was unsure where to)

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Sorry to hear that. I’m not entirely sure why it happens but in my experience, the same thing happened. I don’t really think its a bug.

It’s because you switched iPhone to Android

It’s really annoying but it’s because of a certain ode within the system.

I’d be happy to explain further if you’re curious.

Well, yeah I would really like to know what’s the issue cause I want to be able to log to my profile and have my story progress :cold_sweat: :cold_sweat:

Is there any way to fix it? or I would have to play episode without being logged in?

You can send in a ticket and ask to switch your profile to a different account for android. You’ll just lose the progress that you’ve had for stories you’ve read. You’ll get all your followers and stories you have created, but that’s all that will transfer