Cannot Log Into Episode App

I can’t seem to log into the app. I am new to Episode and I began scripting a pretty complex story… (or at least it’s complex for a beginner). I’d love it if I’d be able to access my work, but there’s not even a section to log in! This app literally makes 0 sense lately. I remember having it years ago and this was never an issue!

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On the side, there should be a dropdown. Click “create.” Your story should be there. If this problem continues, I recommend filing for a support ticket here.

I just downloaded it and its claiming I HAVE to read random ass stories before I can “create” on but I already created it on my laptop. I also never connected my account to my phone yet, it won’t let me.

Ohh… I don’t remember having to do that. I’ve had episode on my ipod since third grade (sorry terms and conditions), and I got a real phone in fifth grade, and it didn’t make me do that. I mean, it’s been three or four years. I think you only have to read an episode of that story then you can create?

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They definitely changed things because I remember having the app years ago on another phone and it was never this complicated or difficult

Do you mean this?
They updated last year, and now we have to read featured stories to unlock the catalog. However, if you already had an account, I’d recommend filing a support ticket. :slightly_smiling_face: