Cannot log into my account

I logged out of my account because I wanted to log into another old of mine for a moment (same platform) and when I tried logging into my old (this) account I couldn’t.
It said that there was an error.
I sent a ticket, waited over night and then I read the message which was sent to me, saying this is not my account and I should immediately notify to the sender and that I should destroy this email. It also said that my email may contain confidential and/or privilaged information.

Well, I am the sender. I have started writing stories which I do not intend on losing . So please can anyone help? I really want my app account back…


And now I am in my profile but without the stories I’ve read and I can’t preview my created one.

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It said the same to me! I tried a few more times and then worked : )

I tried so many times, It didn’t work

Did it show that ‘you have logged in successfully and the app is going to exit. Once you open it again, you’ll have your stories restored.’- ??

I logged and this is what it showed me.

I closed the app, tried to restart it … and I still don’t have anything restored.

I mainly want my account back because I am on the 80+ episode of a story which I want to read to the end://

I pressed on ‘OK’ for longggggggggg … ik this is not technical at all but that helped : )

i’ll try

it didn’t work as well

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Well then, I’m sorry I couldn’t help.

It’s okay

Do it with your username and password this is a new glitch

I will try

It didn’t work unfortunately…. I guess I lost my account…

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I had the same problem it worked for me :pleading_face: